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belgian waffles

Have you tried the best waffles in Riga? Don't say we didn't warn you!

We are super proud of the fact that we can treat you with authentic Belgian waffles - Liège and Brussels! Everything is handmade from scratch! Combining the best local ingredients with a few secret ones coming straight from Belgium, we can say for sure - this is the authentic way!

Fresh and hot waffles straight out of the waffle iron! Crisp and caramelised on the outside, soft and crunchy on the inside... obviously, you can't get enough!

liège vs brussels

Did you know that Belgian waffles actually include two different types of waffles?

Liège waffles (on the right) are prepared with a thicker bread-like dough and are incorporated with pieces of pearl sugar - the secret behind the Liège waffle.

Brussels waffles (on the left) are prepared from a liquid pancake-like batter. The waffle turns out more light and crisp! 


They both are super delicious, all you have to do is make this hard decision - choose one or both...

iced coffee

specialty coffee

At our coffee shop you will find the best specialty coffee roasted by Curonia Coffee Roasters right here in Latvia, Kuldīga.

Your coffee cup's journey is really special. The coffee beans we offer are picked only at their peek of ripeness. Grown in various plantations worldwide by generations fulfilling their true passion - producing the highest quality coffee. 

We try to vary our offer from time to time, meanwhile always having in stock the beans our customers are craving on daily basis!

Order your favorite type of beans or ground coffee here -

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