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our story



First things first - yes, our cafe is named after a real dog and the inspiration behind all this - a small pomeranian - Pippa. 

From time to time, if you're lucky, you might meet her at the cafe. When she's in the mood and pays a visit.

In the photo - Pippa enjoying a peaceful morning at her cafe right before the doors open for the usual busy day that's ahead!

our spot & vision

Our coffee shop/waffle house is not the most spacious one, but we always try to find a chair for everyone!


Besides on spot service, we also offer deliveries via Bolt Food or Wolt!


Feel free to find us on social & tag us in photos - so we know we were a small a part of your day! In addition, we are always looking forward to honest reviews about your experience - we love the good ones and learn and grow from the not so good ones!


And know this - our freshly baked waffles are on the next level of delicious when eaten straight away. So come by - we are totally worth a visit! 



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